Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY - Retaining Wall

It seems to rain here every day during the summer, and the drainage situation around our house is not so great. Mosquitoes are a giant nuisance! Dear tells me he thinks he has Chikungunya almost every day - I think he just likes saying Chikungunya.

On our side patio, there is a mulch bed that is right underneath the (more-than-likely clogged) gutters, and so the mulch migrates onto the patio concrete every time it rains.This weekend, Dear built a small retaining wall around one of our mulch beds. He used 4x6 inch planks of treated lumber, secured with 1/2 inch Rebar stakes. Notice how the ends are cut so that they overlap.

Measure twice cut once!

This should stop the migratory patterns of our mulch :)

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