Friday, August 22, 2014

Return Dinner

Recently my friend Amanda returned back home, from hiking the Long Trail (that's the name) in Vermont. We all met up at the Raleigh Times for dinner and some drinks. 

Amanda the hiker is third from the left.

I have heard it is the number account for PBR in the nation, but don't hold me to it. I prefer Highland anytime.

I wore the Zara shoes, guess that means I'm keeping them.

After dinner we stopped by Bittersweet @ 16 East Martin Street, a desert bar...

... check out the art!


Erin had something that looks like a whoopie pie. They also offer some delicious regular pie. Thursday is way better with a beer and a cupcake. And the service was great.

I had the chocolate mousse. It was amazing and I encourage you to go check it out :)

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