Wednesday, August 20, 2014

+Tag +Tag +Tag goes my lunch break

Fall is coming! Although my friend Bill says "it's always a nice day at the gym", cooler weather is approaching. Just ask that 4945805 page September Vogue.

As a savvy shopper, I use technology to keep tabs on things I might like to add to my closet, since they are usually scattered across the interwebs. Perhaps you were familiar with (now-defunct) Hukkster? It died earlier this summer, along with all of my curated items. However, via a reddit thread, I heard about

You can add a [+Tag] button in your Bookmarks bar. It supports most of the websites that I prefer, and this service sends me a notification if any of my items go on SALE! It makes feel like a shark circling that burgundy Theory sweater. Maybe it was just too much Shark Week. 

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