Thursday, August 21, 2014

Would my Boss Wear This?

I really enjoy reading WhoWhatWear as they post some great advice, like:

"Essentially, when you’re getting dressed for work, ask yourself: 
“Would my boss wear this?” 
If the answer is no, you shouldn’t wear it either. "

Ha! My managers are all guys -I wish this applied to me, and that it was so simple. The IT biz is a place that breeds interesting characters, and where you rarely see anything resembling a suit. In fact, I have a like-new skirt suit that I have worn exactly once for an interview. The general rule is (men's) "business casual" which means polo shirt, slacks/jeans, boat shoes/sneakers for men. Maybe life is different elsewhere - let me know about it!

My management looks like this.

In my experience, there is an enormous amount of leeway for dressing for women (yay!) as long as you don't look like a total wack job. In review of my employee handbook, I see that the only real rule is "no shorts". (and a section that says "take a shower!" in so many words. Ew. Why is that in there?!).

That being said, I tend toward the following looks on a good day. They are cool and mostly professional.

Fall 2014: Akris Punto, Tibi, J Crew

 FYI Akris Punto also has a sweater in the same "Swiss Alps" print.

And then some days are definitely more casual. Vince always has some wonderful pieces, like the burgundy sweater below.

I will keep you posted on the new items I find for my closet this fall, and how I put them together with things that I already have. The key (for me) is cost-per use! Don't waste your hard earned dollars, friends.

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