Monday, September 29, 2014

Beer Lately

   Probably the most prevalent news in beer this past week is of the buyout of the Pabst Blue Ribbon by a Russian beverage conglomerate based in Cyprus. On September 19th, Oasis Beverages announced their purchase of the iconic American PBR brand.
    As one of the last truly American brands founded in Milwaukee, it's unfortunate that it will now be operated by a foreign company, whose main activities have been (until recently) in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. However, it's definitely not the first time we've seen iconic American beer brands go this route (looking at you AB­InBev and Miller­Coors).

    On the craft brew side, we're in full swing for Oktoberfest brews!! I'm seeing many different breweries Oktoberfest specials roll through the bars and have been lucky enough to try a lot of them. Still, I haven't quite narrowed down a favorite - but am counting on my experience at the Charlotte Oktoberfest to give a helping hand!

My sister's favorite, so far.

    And today, I feel obligated to share my recent beer discovery with the world. My former college roommate Bailey invited me over for a birthday celebration wherein I was introduced to a Manmosa. As a frequent enjoyer of Sunday brunches with standard mimosas, this concoction hit true in my book. The recipe is simple and effective - you need a bottle of your favorite OJ and a 6 pack of Miller High Life. Open your miller, take a good swig or so to remove 2oz or so from the neck and refill with OJ, give it a moment to settle and enjoy! Normally, I would just leave the Millers, and choose some different brew. But, I have to say Manmosas are a cheap and tasty way to celebrate your Sunday mornings, especially if you aren't much on champagne!


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