Thursday, September 11, 2014

Homewares for the Madhouse

So sad and so true. Doormat

Perhaps you're interested in a porthole to Tahiti...

palm trees decal
Jeeves! Bring me another dark and stormy! I want one for my office (both porthole and cocktail, please).

This blanket was designed by a Chippewa-Cree artist and depicts the Milky Way Galaxy. Very beautiful.

Chief's Road blanket, Pendleton, by Jesse Henderson

Maybe these serving spoons would encourage me to include more salad in my life.


Very cool serving spoons, kate spade saturday

I always need a new cutting board.

Bamboo cutting board

Live the 007 lifestyle with your very own bulldog.

British Bulldog, by Royal Doulton

PREPARE THYSELF! Oktoberfest approacheth. One liter of beer isn't as much as you think. But it's heavy! Just ask this guy.

1 liter Paulaner glass stein

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