Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Middle Ground (Sierra Nevada + CC)

We recently returned from the tasting event for the limited edition No Middle Ground Coffee IPA, the tasty result of a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Counter Culture Coffee of Durham, NC.

Limited Edition No Middle Ground Coffee IPA

It was great - mildly hoppy and mildly coffee-y and very delicious! I did hear one criticism that it was not hoppy enough, but I found it very enjoyable.

There were also samples of Counter Culture coffee, brewed by the pour over method. As a coffee drinker extraordinaire, I highly recommend CC coffee. I have never had a CC roast that I didn't like.

I was hoping that this beer was produced at the new Sierra Nevada facility in Asheville, NC,  but the beer was brewed early this year in Chico, CA. The IPA was brewed with "hop 291", an experimental hop at Sierra Nevada Brewing. Counter Culture provided the Haru lot of coffee beans from Ethiopia, with notes of "lemongrass and starfruit", and the beer was cold-steeped with the beans before filtration.

Tasting hosted by All About Beer Magazine, at Mims Distributing

I would recommend that you try and get your hands on this special IPA. However, the limited batch produced only about 50 kegs, which are distributed to tasting events all around the country. But, it was announced that there will be some on hand at the World Beer Festival in Durham, NC in October.

Snacks were also provided, and everyone had a great time listening about the production of the beer

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