Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You bet your boots

I have a few pairs of Frye boots that I have accumulated over the years... but let me digress a bit.

My name is Diana and I have a shoe problem.

When I walk by a sale rack without taking a look, I feel a little like this on the inside:

I believe this stems from the "problem" that my feet are small (6 M), and the demand for small sizes is significantly lower. Hence my size is always on SALE! Even if I set high shopping standards (I'll only buy them if they go on sale for at least half price...), there always seems be an awesome pair available. 

I wonder if they're lying.

Thanks for your understanding. 

Anyway - I picked these up during the summer when the demand for boots is low. I managed to get these 50% off from Amazon. In my experience with their shoe department, when there are only a few pairs left, they mark down the prices significantly. Sometimes it's a gamble if you wait too long, but I'm usually lucky. I also have amazon prime - free shipping and returns is really important to me!

Frye Dorado Boot in distrssed fatigue

I got them in distressed fatigue, which is sort of a brownish-olive. I really dislike brown, and felt this is a nice alternative, for when black just doesn't fit the bill. Brand new, they are very comfortable, and will get even better as they mold to my foot over time. They slip a little on the heel, but that doesn't bother me much. As the weather gets colder I'll weather thicker socks so the fit will be a little more snug. The quality of Frye boots has always been wonderful, although I wish these were produced in the USA.

Frye Dorado Boot in pebbled green

They also are very good-looking in hunter green leather. 

Frye Dorado Boot in pebbled green

h&m top (similar here), jcrew denim pencil skirt (old), and frye dorado boots

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