Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Storm Clouds Brewing

Another new pub! My friends and I stopped by Storm Clouds Brewing in downtown Raleigh the other evening to celebrate an N+1 birthday (why count after 30?). 

My first impression is that this is my kind of place! Simply decorated, plenty of room (we were a party of 12), a tasty looking menu (including fried pickles), and a wide assortment of beer. And a beer wall! And a wall that opens up to the patio! (It was wonderful weather that evening)

clouds brewing

As for the beer wall, it is in fact a wall with 7 or 8 taps. You are given an RFID bracelet, and tap it on the wall next to the beer you would like to try. Then you can dispense it into your favorite beer mug (they have quite an assortment!). Since you are charged by the ounce, I was able to try a few different beers without commitment issues.

beer wall wristband

wall of beer

We had a fun time, and I expect we will return again soon. Check it out if you have the chance!

watch out for these guys

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  1. Wow what a cool pub. I haven't seen a beer wall like that before!



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