Monday, October 20, 2014

Fear in the hearts of men (Shopbop)

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of men like Shopbop sales.

As you may have heard, Shopbop just ended the annual Friends and Family sale. I don't know why it's called "friends & family", because I have not one acquaintance or blood relative that actually works for Shopbop. I guess Shopbop feels differently about me than I do of them.

I have documented my search for a smallish handbag, and while I was browsing the sale, I discovered this one.

hudson moto mini bag, rebecca minkoff

I have an affinity for red-orange, it filled a gap in my wardrobe, and it was on sale. I should have waited until next month, but I was weak. As I try to keep my acquisitions diverse, it would have been better had I purchased a bag from another designer. However, this one appeals to me because it is sturdy, stylish, and relatively simple (no fringe, fur, crazy dangling bobbles, odd locks, etc.). Nothing to make it Diana-proof, haha. I was also happy that there is a leather strap, instead of chains - which are just not worth the extra weight, in my opinion.

Lets see what I can fit in here! It's pretty small on the inside.

Stuff that fits in this bag:
glasses case
ID, cards, cash
My engraved Space pen
cell phone

and not much else. I think this will do well enough.

I declare mission accomplished :)

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