Thursday, October 30, 2014

Get ready faster!

My #1 tip for getting ready fast in the morning?

Chop off your hair!

I highly recommend it!

If you have thought about it, the time is now! Besides, hair grows back.

I got a great haircut from my hairstylist Erin at Salon Blu last night. She did such a great job! This is day 1 post-haircut, and sometimes it takes a few days for your hair to adjust to a new 'do. I think my hair will get more wavy as it settles in. We shall see!

I was inspired to cut many inches off of my hair because the hairstyles below are so cute! Fixing my super thick, longer hair took a lot of precious morning time. My new chic shorter 'do takes 15 fewer minutes  - that's almost 2 extra hours now free in my week!

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