Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY coat closet

This weekend our dirty old coat closet got a makeover. It's medium sized, located under our stairway.

Firstly, it got a good scrub, some spackle, and new paint on the walls and moldings.

We used what paint we had on-hand, which was apple green.

btw, this is the door to the air handler

The bare light bulb got replaced by a new flush-mounted fixture, and a fancy new switch-plate.

there are worse things on which I could spend $5.97...

My fantastic life mate cut some new (level) shelves, held up by some decorative brackets from Lowe's.

Wearing my high fashion sweatshirt and sweatpants, I painted the shelves ivory colored to match our trim. Go hornets!

Looks good so far!

We put up 2 key hooks, and storage items on the shelves.

And we added a mail basket, with hooks for the dog leashes.

Lastly, we put in the railing to hang the coats, a storage unit with cubby holes (for hats and mittens), and a shoe rack.

Can you spot the KISS Christmas ornaments that I just purchased?
My tree is going to ROCK!

Maybe our newly organized coat closet will lead to a more organized life!

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