Thursday, February 19, 2015

DIY Tile Backsplash

This is post #100. Woot Woot!
This January, we tiled out kitchen back-splash - where I discovered my skills in buttering up tiles with mortar. Also, that fancy glass coated ceramic tiles are a giant sharp, and crumbly mess when you try to cut them. Perhaps that is why said tiles were on clearance.

We started here:

Day1: Fixing the tile to the wall with mortar.

A giant bucket of mortar. Move fast! It hardens quickly.

We cut each tile on the top and bottom rows. A painful and time consuming process.

Day 2: Slap the grout on top of the tiles. It gets wiped off the tile faces before it dries.

Day 3: Add some caulk and we're done!

Warning: projects in blog are more difficult than they may appear. Prepare yourself for significant amounts of failure and gnashing of teeth. C'est la vie.

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