Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fur your consideration

I stalked this coat for months and it finally went on sale.

Ellen Tracy faux fur coat

Under any other circumstances, I hate brown. I would rather wear chartreuse and red polka dots. But, this coat has 26, 5 star reviews on from all sorts of women. I figured I'd try it out.

BEWARE : Nordstrom sent me this coat by mail, and it arrived with a 5 inch rip under the right arm (in the lining only). Not only that, but someone (who can't sew) used mismatched brown thread and tried to sew it back together! It looked awful! I also noticed that the lining seams look like they might pull apart eventually. I'm disappointed that Nordstrom sent me such an item! The coat is fine otherwise, so I will repair it myself (with help from Mom, thanks!).

It's obviously faux fur. Some people get bent out of shape about "fake" because they want it to look "real". I don't care. It's sooooooo warm and snuggly. And, it makes for a nice dress coat.

I feel a little like Cruella de Vil

FYI here is the patch-job.

And I guess this seam will go, someday. Crappy!

Update: Nordstrom responded to my post. They offered to exchange the coat, but I've (read: mom) put so much work into it already! Given the nature of the fabric I doubt an exchange coat will be much different. I will probably patch the other weak seams to stop them from ripping in the future. I was just disappointed that no sales person noticed (or they did notice, and sent me this coat anyway). 

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