Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stitchfix March 2015

For my birthday I figured I would try another Stitchfix box. This time, I specifically requested the stylist from my first box, Alicia Rose. She picked out some pretty cool things for me to try.

This time, I specifically requested:
  • a dress for my birthday party
  • something light pink, but not too girly
  • something in a floral print

Let's see how many points my stylist scored this time.


Hopefully someone misplaced 1 million dollars in my Stitchfix box.

Enclosed is a styling card to help choose outfits with your new duds.

Item 1 - Kut from the Kloth Jeans, in my regular size. Stitchfix has problems sending me bottoms that fit. Everything is always too small; I mentioned this to them, and they definitely took note. These pants are pretty baggy, in a just-too-big way. But the quality is very good, and the color is my favorite wash. Sent these back, because of fit issues = 12/20 points.

Kut from the Kloth denim

Item 2 - a party dress. Let me tell you, I almost kept this one. It is versatile and flattering, and I do love black. I just couldn't get over the 3/4 sleeves - I prefer sleeveless tops because it's pretty warm in NC (even in the winter). I like that it was lined, also. I considered having a tailor shorten the sleeves, but I preferred not to alter the dress. The price was reasonable for the quality, but the most expensive thing that has been sent to me, at $158.00. It was almost love, but returned = 15/20 points.

Front of knee length dress

Back of knee length dress

Item 3 - a very sheer, pink striped top. I liked the color of this top, but it is knit so loosely it was see through. And I am not a fan of wearing 2 shirts (too much laundry). I enjoy dolman sleeves, but it dipped very low in the front. Pretty, met my request, but not my style, 14/20 points.

Dolman sleeve pink top

 Item 4 - a silk sleeveless top. Yay! A floral that's not uber-girly! I love this navy and green print. It is a great quality silk top, suitable for work or play. It is not sheer (as some silks are), and I like the shirt-tail hem. It also met my request, so it's a keeper! 20/20 points.

Silk top

 Item 5 - a pair of antique gold colored earrings. Although I mention in my Stitchfix profile that I don't want them to send me jewelry - I liked these, right out of the box. But in my opinion, the look wasn't so great next to my cool/fair skin tone. I also wish they were just a little smaller. Cool and unexpected, but returned. 15/20 points.

Antiqued gold-ish earrings. Cute, right?

OVERALL SCORE = 76/100. Not bad! I am a very particular person - but am always impressed with the quality, convenience, and pricing that Stitchfix offers. 

Ready for warmer weather already.

AND -  on a final note: Stitchfix now offers Petite and Maternity sizing! As I am right between regular and petite sizing, maybe I will give this a try next time. Petite clothing is cut differently, because it is made for people with smaller dimensions! FYI, petite clothing has shorter inseams, shorter arms length, and narrower shoulders - not to be confused with size "XS". If you are interested, you can specify "petite" or "maternity" as an option on your Stitchfix profile.

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