Sunday, August 30, 2015

Epic Big Mama Wreath

I was feeling crafty, and spent some time this weekend making a decorative autumn wreath for my front door.



I went to the local craft store and got the components for my super cool wreath:


1 giant wire wreath form,

6 rolls of burlap (2 natural, 2 orange, and 2 purple),

wire or pipe cleaners,

fancy things like pumpkins, twigs, or berries,

and you probably already have some scissors



Ancient chinese proverb say: dog sleeping under craft table is good omen.



Secure the end of the burlap to the outermost ring of the wreath frame with some wire. Then, weave the burlap fabric back and forth, so it is pinned underneath the frame. No wrapping around the frame is required; the burlap is thick enough so that it stays pinned in place by the frame.

FYI, I think each roll of burlap I used was 30 ft long





Keep going! When I bought this wire wreath frame, I didn't realize what a giant wreath it would make! The fabric makes the wreath larger than the frame, of course. C'est la vie.




Keep on keepin on - you can do it! Go make yourself a cocktail too. I made one ring of brown burlap, one ring of orange, and then one ring with purple dyed burlap.






Once you're done wrapping (it took me a long time for big mama wreath), then you can add the fun stuff like twigs, berries, pine cones, sparkly vegetables, skulls, or spiders. 

Acorns! Raleigh, NC is the City of Oaks



The burlap isn't a tightly woven fabric, so I just shoved these small items into the fabric and wiggled them around until they looked nice. I did secure the pinecone and the 2 pumpkins with extra wire. you can also use a hot glue gun to secure things to the burlap.


All done! Not so bad, right? I plan on getting a (fake) spider web and a spider to hang in the center of the wreath for Halloween. I feel autumn coming already!



Epic Big Mama Wreath



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