Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fat Pants

I have been hesitant to jump aboard the "boyfriend jeans" train. I am at the tipping point, where cool, slouchy boyfriend jeans turn into fat pants (like those you wear to eat Thanksgiving dinner). I have tried many iterations of this trend as sold in stores, and none are flattering on me.

But, I have found an alternative method to achieve the slouchy-but-not-too-baggy denim look. Woot Woot! See Exhibit (A) skinny jeans, in one size larger than normal. In this case, the jeans are still fitted from high waist to hip, but then get looser below. The rise is higher, and this pair is also a big long - but they cuff nicely since the circumference at the ankle is smallest (so they stay cuffed all day). Notice that they are still slim enough to fit into my booties (if that is a concern). These are so comfortable, I have been wearing them constantly. I am a convert! All hail slouchy(er) jeans!

Note that the baggy-ness may depend on the type of denim (these are 97% cotton and mid weight denim). And, I'm sure that this won't work with all types of skinny jeans; each brand/size is different. These are Gap 1969 'resolution true skinny mid-rise' jeans, and they work for me.

diana's new fave slouchy pants


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