Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flash! Aaa-aaahhhhh

Last Friday, me, K, and Flash Gordon stopped by the new Raleigh Beer Garden - touted to have the largest number of draft beers



We were, however, underwhelmed. Upon entering, one must wait to be seated downstairs, or test your fate at the other bars. There were too few servers, and our beers were warmish (side note: I don't mind warm craft beer, but others may be put off). Food is served in some areas of the 3 story building, but not others. Had the layout been less complex, and my pretzel not been battered and deep fried (?)  - we may have better enjoyed our time here. Alas, Raleigh Beer Garden was a one-and-done pit stop that Friday.

An early crowd on Friday

Too many choices!

The aforementioned battered and deep-fried pretzels. Weird.

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