Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stitchfix August 2015

     It's 1 billion degrees outside, and all my plants look dead. Even my dogs don't want to go for their evening walk. Looking towards autumn, I ordered another Stitchfix box to tweak my closet; and because I love a good surprise!

My box took an extended detour around Raleigh, but arrived ok

definitely saving this box for Christmas gifts 

As usual, I requested the esteemed Ms. Alicia Rose, a stylist at Stitchfix. She picks out some really cool items, and tries hard to meet special requests. We've got a good thing going.

For August, I requested a pair of burgundy skinny pants (or jeans), some work-appropriate tops ("business casual"), an A-line dress, and maybe a fun knit jacket to wear when the temperature starts dropping below 310 degrees.

And today... I have received:

1. green sleeveless top (collective concepts)
2. mixed material sleeveless top (rd style)
3. knit jacket (sanctuary)
4. blue denim skinny jeans (dl1961)
5. pink A-lined dress (andrew marc)

Alicia Rose mentioned that she will keep an eye out for burgundy pants, but that she couldn't find any for me at this time. C'est la vie. 

Now, time for the nitty-gritty real life results.

Since we're being nitty-gritty here, the jeans did not fit. Nope. This is the third pair of pants that I have received from Stitchfix, and they have all been at least 1 size too small. Maybe I am in denial about my true pants size? More likely is that Stitchfix brands are not meant for extra curvy hips, as I am true to size (real girl size 10) in most brands. They were awesome jeans though.

The mixed media top is in gray and black, with a fluttery bottom that has waist-high side slits. The back has a cool exposed zipper, and is longer than the front by a few inches. I thought that I would love this piece, but something feels off. Maybe the gray is too light on my skin tone? Maybe this would look better on my figure if it were a peplum top? I must consider carefully.

As for the knit jacket, it looks really cool at first glance. But it doesn't have a closure, and this makes me look very boxy up top. There are 2 working front pockets, and a slit detail on the inner sleeves. I like it, but for the price I will need to consider the cost-per-wear.

The green sleeveless blouse looks nice, but I recently purchased a similar item at the Nordstrom sale.

As per the A-line dress that I requested, it's a little tight in the shoulders. Also, I generally avoid side seam pockets because they tend to bulge (and make my look wider). The collar has something funny going on at one side (see that fold on my right shoulder, near my neck?) - I believe this to be due to poorly sewn seams. But I really like the color!

fit and flare, hard to go wrong.

unsightly pocket bunching

I give Alicia Rose a round of applause for her savvy efforts. Of the 5 items, I am most inclined to keep the mixed media top ($58) and the knit jacket ($98).

More realness, and a note to others considering Stitchfix:
I am impressed by the quality and pricing of all the Stitchfix items that I have received, and have never received anything crappy. I recommend sticking to one stylist, and always sending at least a couple of requests or notes on sizing to help your stylist choose the best pieces,

Disclaimer- I am not compensated in any way by Stitchfix for this review.

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  1. The clothes look awesome. Too bad the pants don't fit. I really love the knit jacket. I would keep that too :)



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