Saturday, August 1, 2015


I'm so weaaaakkkkkk...

     ...around ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Let me start out by saying that the easier I can make my get-dressed routine - the better! I am the type that wears the same outfit pairings over and over (for better or worse). And such, I find that planning ahead saves time and money. 

Every July/August during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, prices get pretty great (30-40%), and many are high quality items with longevity. Also, there are usually a few interesting things that are Nordstrom-exclusive. This is a good time for me to stock up and plan for the (clothing) season ahead.

Last Sunday I ordered several items online due to convenience...I wonder if online shopping makes my carbon footprint larger than if I actually drove to the store? I tried several pairs of black booties, and found a cool new vest.

  • Louise et Cie booties - have a good looking shine, a sturdy block heel, and gold hardware (ok with me). However, when I put them on, the top of the boot hit at an extremely bad place - nearly mid-shin on me. These boots turned my legs into stumps! And the ankle opening was much too large, in my opinion. If you are tall, i bet these would look great. I found that the 6.5M was the appropriate size (half size larger than my normal size 6M, as I prefer in boots). RETURNED.

Louise et Cie

 ----- Upon return, I went to the store to eyeball the other bootie options. I was thinking of purchasing the Rag and Bone bootie, which has rave reviews. However, I ended up with the Paul Green bootie. In my opinion, the quality:price is better, they are more comfortable and fit great on my foot. And, the dip in the front makes my legs look great. This is a great fall/winter boot for me, and I look forward to wearing them!
Paul Green, 33.2% off

Rag and Bone

  • Trouve mixed media vest - I am a vest person, because in NC it may be 20F degrees outside, but indoors it will be tropical. Layering works for me. This was a last minute add-to-cart because I needed a (better looking) replacement for last years worn-out black puffer vest. I like how it hangs a little open on the bottom - and it skims my hips. Oddly, there is no closure in the front, but it looks nice while belted.

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated by Nordstrom for this review.

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