Thursday, August 27, 2015

When the Going gets Tough

The Kon-dough challenge is tough! I have cleared out my closet of all sorts of junk in the past year, and hopefully this challenge will help keep it that way. If you'll remember from my previous post, I challenged myself (and anyone else) to buy one new item of [clothing or accessories or shoes] per month. This forces you to think very carefully about your purchases, and will probably save me money in the long run. I am particularly weak when things are "on sale!", so I am hoping to improve my determination.


I don't like to think of it as a FAILURE that I bought 2 new items this month (August) - but that I am traveling down the road to success. No one is perfect, ok? I would also like to qualify one of the purchases because I had a gift card for about a third of the cost.


Here's the down and dirty:



(1) beach shorts, $34, from Athleta (25% off, on sale). I had a pair of these short from last year, and they fit great! They are made from quick-drying and soft fabric, and have good-sized hip pockets. These are superb dog walking shorts. I had a gift card to pay for $13 of the cost. Woot woot!



Athleta beach shortie in navy stripe


And, in my weakness... here is item #2:

(2) Floggs Fain Sandal, from MyHabit (77% off, on sale). I am a sucker for sale shoes, and since my foot is pretty small, it seems shoes are always on sale. Sad story, right? Check out the rest of the shoes by Floggs, they are pretty awesome lately. All the reviews that I have read mention that they are super comfortable, which is always a plus. The ones I got are in patent red - to add some punchy color to my closet. Totally worth it - right?



floggs fain sandal






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