Monday, October 3, 2016

Hoorayyyy Free Returns

Did you know that Paypal is offering FREE return shipping for a limited time? I've been buying some maternity clothing lately, and not everything works out sometimes. For example, I purchased a few tops and a beautiful dress from, but one blouse was GIANT and the dress was itty bitty up top :( Since I purchased from Pinkblush with my Paypal account, I was able to activate the "Free Returns On Us" for my purchase. Paypal ended up reimbursing me for ~$27 in return shipping costs. Cool!

The dress that didn't work out :(

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  1. Very much happy to know about the news. The dress is really fabulous and stunning. And it's affordable. The design and color pattern of the dress is so stylish and gorgeous. I love fashionable dresses like this one. I prefer non iron dress shirts for my all time fashion.


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